Family Journal: June 22, 2021

Oliver and Ocean got their first Pfizer vaccine from the local CVS pharmacy

After learning I don’t need surgery this summer, I am very relieved and starting to enjoy my holiday. I am moving a bit better each day and love spending time with my family and relaxing. The USA’s efforts in vaccines makes me proud to be an American. Oliver and Ocean received their first dose of the Pfizer vaccine today. By the end of the summer, the entire Kralovec family will be vaccinated!

It was nice to see my mom again after two years away from the USA. She made a delicious egg salad sandwich and we had a good talk. Her voice is soothing to me and it is always nice to connect with her in person. Owen and I in the afternoon went for a round a disc golf at the Hickory Run Disc Golf Course located in a state park near Freeland. It rained most of the day with temperatures in the 50s F, which was a delightful change from Tashkent. The Poconos Mountains, one of the many ranges that make up the Appalachians, go right through Freeland and Hickory Run State Park preserves a small section of the typical Applachian forests. This part of Pennsylvania is mountainous and forested which reminds me of my home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Walking with Owen through the quiet and wet woods was so relaxing.

Owen tees off from the 13th hole

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