Family Journal: July 2, 2021

Billy’s Diner – downtown Bethlehem

We had a day of medical appointments in Bethlehem and Allentown. The kids had their wellness checks and Nadia is looking at her left ear. Bethlehem has a beautiful historical district of shops, restaurants and colonial buildings. The city was founded by Moravian settlers. Count Zinzendorf during a “love feast” named the place Bethlehem on Christmas Eve, 1741. I walked through the Moravian cemetery while waiting for Ocean’s appointment to be done. There were lots of graves of children and younger people from the original colony. It was a hard life before antibiotics and when Pennsylvania was the frontier of the country. The Moravians are one of the oldest Protestant denominations, dating back to Bohemia (western Czech Republic) of the 15th century. The name comes from a group that fled religious prosecution from Moravia (eastern Czech Republic). Many religious groups found freedom to worship in America. The Moravians are still around today with about 1 million members. I see on the Wikipedia page that “lovefeast” is basically a good meal with prayer and singing. I also like their motto, “Unity in necessary things; freedom in doubtful things; love in all things”.

Moravian Chapel

The highlight for me was our breakfast at Billy’s Diner. Our table was on the sidewalk and the cool breeze and overcast day were perfect for a leisurely brunch. I had a pulled-pork eggs Benedict that was delicious. I finished off my day with a long walk through the forests surrounding Freeland.

Departing ABE for Detroit

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