Family Journal July 25, 2021: Travel Day PA to Tashkent

It was a no-stress travel day on Sunday as we made the long journey back from the USA to Uzbekistan. NYC Limo service packed the SUV to get us to JFK in 2 hours and 15 minutes. It was a cool, rainy morning, in stark contrast to the Tashkent inferno temperature of 104F and sunny. I was impressed with the airport as it was recently renovated. We spent the morning in the AirTips Lounge because of our tickets. Both Nadia and I flew business class which I usually don’t. I got a business class ticket because of my shoulder and it is so much nicer flying when one can lay flat. The economy class was full with many children running up and down the aisles while on our side, peace and quiet. It will be hard to go back to economy… The JFK-Tashkent direct flight is convenient for us when we want to spend some time on the east coast America.

Tashkent International Airport

It is nice to be back home. We unpacked, I went into the school office and walked Obi in the evening. He was a little shocked to see us but has been following Nadia around all day. It was a great morning because everyone was awake at 5:30 AM because of jet lag. Owen is at my uncle’s and a bit bored before starting university so we talked for a long time on Telegram. Ocean/Oliver/Nadia and I watched the Tokyo Olympics. We love the Australian – USA rivalry in swimming.

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