Family Journal: August 8, 2021

I love the architecture of the Hotel Uzbekistan, one of the best examples of the Soviet’s fascination with Brutilism. This term comes from the French language meaning “exposed concrete”. The style was popular with architects from the 1950s to the 1980s. Besides the exposed concrete look, it also specialized in geometric shapes. The Hotel Uzbekistan is in the shape of an obtuse angle, and the distinctive building completed in 1974, has interlocking cement squares which provide shade to the facade. It was a classic Tashkent stifling hot August afternoon on Sunday and near sunset, Nadia and I took Obi out for a walk. The setting sun on the facade of the hotel contrasted with the blue skies and green of Amir Temur Square combined for a splendid view.

Summer is my favorite season and swimming and lounging in the pool with my wife and daughter was pure heaven. We are fortunate to have a nice pool in our patio and it is the best way to beat the heat. As you can see by the global Mediterranean climate map, Tashkent actually has a similar climate to southern California and my former home of Perth, Western Australia. The “holy trinity” of Mediterranean crops, grapes, olives and wheat, grow well in this climate. Tashkent differs from Los Angeles however, with cold winters with significant snowfall.

World Köppen Climate Classification – Mediterranean

As you can see from the chart above, Tashkent summers are dry and hot. Most of the precipitation falls in the winter and spring. We basically get, the opinion of someone who grew up in Northern Michigan, three months of winter (December, January, February) with off/on months of April and November. October and AprilMay are perfect weather

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