A Delightful Evening Celebrating Czech Statehood

I took Ocean to a reception at the Radisson Blu Hotel for Czech Statehood Day (September 28). The date also marks the feast day of the legendary Bohemian king, Wenceslas. It was hosted by the Czech Embassy here in Tashkent and I receive a lot of invitations to go to these events. The Kralovec family is descended from Bohemian ancestors and my great-grandfather immigrated to America in 1888. It was nice to learn some Czech history, meet some people and most importantly, spend time with my lovely daughter.

After the reception, we took Obi for a walk in a nearby park near the Tashkent Tower. September evenings are perfect in Tashkent. The park straddles the canal and has a beautiful dome structure to commemorate the victims from World War II. Ocean is so funny and a sweet girl and it was nice to spend the evening with her.

One thought on “A Delightful Evening Celebrating Czech Statehood

  • I really appreciate that you are proud of your ancestors from the Czech Republic. Congratulations to Ocean to her birthday (as well as to her parents). Josef Královec, Plzen, West Bohemia (Czech Rep.)

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