Oliver Plays First Game of the Season

It was a special Saturday for me because for the first time in a long time, I was able to watch one of my children compete in an interscholastic sports event. Due to COVID, we did not have interscholastic sports last year. This year with all of the employees with vaccinations and many of our parents, we are going ahead and offering games within Tashkent. We are still not competing internationally, but it is really nice to have other schools come to play against our students. TIS students also played for the first time on our artificial grass field. Everyone was excited for sports to be back!

Oliver played in the second game of the day as he did not make the varsity A squad. In Central Asia due to the size of schools, we only play 7 aside soccer instead of the full 11. The Varsity A won the first game 4-1 and Oliver’s team lost 1-2. Oliver plays center back on defense. He is still learning the game, especially at the higher level of high school.

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