Family Journal: December 11, 2021

The TIS starting lineup – girls from USA, Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Bosnia and India.

The highlight of the weekend was my daughter starting her basketball season. At our school, there are teams for middle school (grades 6-7), junior varsity (grades 8-9) and varsity (grades 10-12). Ocean is one of the top players on her junior varsity team. They opened the season with a pair of exhibition games against local schools They lost both games but in the second game, Ocean scored 2 baskets and a free throw. Oliver didn’t make the Varsity A team, but we are having a developmental squad Varsity B and hope to get some games this season as well.

Ocean makes a free throw

Friday night I had a board dinner at the chair’s home which was really nice. On Saturday we had the big New Years’ party for all faculty. We rented Retro Milly restaurant for ourselves. Everyone had a good time with an entertainer MC and two singers. We found time to walk Obi in the afternoon. Nadia is shown in front of the Sacred Heart Cathedral (Polish church) and we took a selfie at the party.

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