Family Journal: Chimgan Mountains

Everyone obviously enjoying a Dad-prepared meal!

We enjoyed a couple of days in the mountains between Christmas and New Years. It was so nice to get away and enjoy the blue skies and white snow of the Tian Shan mountains. The nearby ski resort only opened partially on our last day and Oliver did go up with friends for the day. I enjoyed walking with our dog Obi near our rented chalet. He was so funny in the snow. It was the perfect depth for him, about 6 inches and it forced him continuously leap to propel himself through the soft snow. He seemed to take much delight in prancing through the fresh powder. I also took pleasure in the refreshing air and inspiring views of the Chimgan peaks. I should get up to the mountains more often to restore my soul.

Obi bouncing through the snow

The best thing about the experience was the lack of internet at the chalet. It forced our family to spend lots of time together. Nadia allowed me to plan and prepare the meals, not a strength of mine. I added a 4-cheese sauce to a Marinara sauce and Berelli pasta and it was a quite delicious combination. We played chess and I realized I need some strategy and Owen suggested taking a short course on which I will try to find time. I also want to start playing backgammon with the kids.

Nadia and I love spending time with our three teenagers. They are so funny and we love learning their opinions, interests and their personalities. That is the best thing about school breaks is getting to spend more time as a family without the rush of getting off to school or having our oldest in university.

My view of Chimgan Mountain

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