Family Journal: January 5, 2022

We have been exploring some new restaurants in Tashkent this week during the Winter Break. Most of my family are “foodies” and they enjoy going out and trying new places. There are a couple of new places in the Tarasa Shevchenko area that I thought were excellent. There is a new pan-Asian restaurant called Tom Yum and their eponymous dish was delicious. The kids had Pad Thai and another coconut milk-based soup. Overall, I give it a 7.5 of 10. We also went to Roni, an Italian restaurant nearby. Authentic and tasty pizza and salads. It was definitely a step-up from your standard Italian restaurant and with the cool music and atmosphere, it received a 9 of 10 from me. There are so many new restaurants opening in the city that it is difficult to keep up. These two were a little expensive ($15 per person with drinks) but very good.

I went for a long run yesterday and I always encounter interesting sites along the way. We’ve had quite a bit of rain the past couple of days and the Ankhor Canal was full and the hydroelectric dam looked like Niagara Falls. Despite the rain, I’ve been able to get out walking with Obi and getting some exercise. Memorial Park was beautiful in the trees with the sun just coming through the clouds for a few moments. I also saw this hearse in front of the cemetery.

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