Family Journal: January 9, 2022

Owen & Ocean outside of the Tashkent Airport – January 8, 2022

It was a bittersweet weekend for me. Bitter in that our eldest son Owen returned to university in the USA. Sweet in that we did get to spend a lot of time with him and it was so nice to have our family whole again. It was so nice to have family meals again and with 24 consecutive days of break, it gave us a chance to bond with each other and reconnect after our busy first semester of school. Owen flight’s were smooth and he landed in Chicago and stayed with my brother Andy and his wife until his flight the next day. However, Northern Michigan University announced over the weekend they are delaying the start of the semester by 2 days and going virtual the rest of the week. I wish they could have made the announcement earlier so Owen could have stayed with us a bit longer. 😦

Family dinner – January 7, 2022

I drove around the Charvak Resavour on Sunday and went for a couple of walks with Obi in the surrounding mountains. I am always refreshed with the mountain scenery and fresh air. A strong, cold wind was bracing and made it difficult to walk on top of ridges. I noticed much less snowfall than in previous winters. I think that is definitely a concern in Central Asia that climate change is making it an even drier climate. The slow snowmelt in the spring and summer feeds freshwater to this dry climate.

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