Family Journal: March 11, 2022 “Personal Project Exhibition”

Oliver at this Personal Project Display

The culmination of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme for students in grade 10 is the Personal Project. This is a year-long passion project that they work on independently from their regular school work. Oliver has always loved fantasy and gaming and his project was to create three new Pokemon characters. The big skill that he learned was working with the software, Adobe Illustrator. Nadia was a superstar mom, supporting Oliver through this as accompanying the project, the IB requires a reflective journal. I was proud of him and watching him interact with the public during the exhibition on Wednesday evening was a highlight of my week.

Oliver points out his learning to elementary students

Oliver’s three characters were Olov (Uzbek for fire), Elderwing (taken from Norse mythology) and Torrtega. Pokemon characters “evolve” and he designed all three evolutions for the three characters for a total of 9 illustrations. The elementary students loved his projects and his cards quickly were scooped up by the enthusiastic kids.

We’ve had an incredible amount of rain this week. Every day it has rained most of the day and night. It will continue to rain all next week too, with 100% chance on Monday and Tuesday and 80% chance the rest of the week until Saturday. We took advantage of the rain to plant 41 trees on our campus. At every school I’ve worked, I always plant trees and TIS is no exception. Our school is known for our park-like setting and I want to build on that strength. The maintenance crew, led by landscaper David Jacobs and Facilities Manager Rashid Suleymanov, purchased and planted some larger trees to put on the side of campus without many trees. The Tashkent summers are long and hot and the trees will cool that side of the school. I also believe big trees calm people and create a better learning environment. One challenge of so many trees is the upkeep, however. Strong winds came in on Wednesday afternoon and a big branch as you see below, cracked when the tree was twisted. The maintenance crew quickly sealed off the area and on Friday, the area was cleared of branches.

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