Oliver and Ocean Compete in Sports

Ocean completed her basketball season which was interrupted by the Omicron variant wave. The girls played a game before Christmas break but then when we got back, cocurricular activities and then school was canceled for two weeks by the government. We were able to come back in early March to finish the truncated season. The school arranged a local tournament last week and Ocean’s team finished third. They were competing against local public schools, some specializing in basketball and sport. Women’s sports in Uzbekistan are not developed as much as in the USA.

I was just happy for her to get a team sports experience and compete against other schools. She is not fanatical about sports as I was, but she is naturally a good athlete. I will continue to encourage her to play. I think she can develop into a strong player and hopefully, she’ll take up my coaching offers to improve her fundamentals. Thanks to Coach Doel for his work with the team. The girls learned a lot.

Oliver is starting his volleyball season and in tryouts this week, he made the “A” Varsity Team. He is really good at volleyball as it is popular in Japanese middle schools. He played on the Sabers team in Osaka. There was also an anime show about a volleyball team that he watched as well. He is a good setter and is fundamentally sound. I can’t wait for the games!

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