Student-led Conferences

Nadia and I really enjoyed the student-led conferences on Thursday morning. The secondary school scheduled 1-hour sessions for every student with their parents. The teachers set up the framework for them to reflect on their learning and share what projects were most impactful on them. We loved the fact that it forced our teenage children to talk with us for a full hour! Oliver would not let me film his conference, but thankfully Ocean did! It was such a special morning for us! We are so proud of the adults our children are becoming.

Oliver had a really good year overall. He has taken a leadership role in the school’s Model United Nations program, was the captain and a star player on the volleyball team and he designed unique Pokemon cards for his MYP Personal Project exhibition. Nadia has been outstanding as a mother, “guiding” Oliver to spend more time on assessed projects. Oliver’s challenge next year will be entering the IB Diploma Programme. He will need to develop research and writing skills, analytical thinking, time management and organization. I think he is up to it and hopefully,Nadia and I will have enough time and energy to support him.

Ocean is also maturing and she had a stellar academic year. She too played volleyball and basketball and participated in other extracurricular activities. She has an eye for art and design and is very creative.

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