Family Journal: June 20, 2022

Storm clouds in downtown Tashkent

We’ve experienced an unusual amount of rain this spring in Tashkent and on the day before the summer solstice, it rained again! The ominous storm clouds were beautiful and were harbingers of the two deluges that hit the city. Nadia and I were caught in the first storm when I drove her to the bank to get cash out for our trip to the USA. The second storm hit later in the afternoon, exactly when I took out my bicycle for a final ride on the canals. I had to abandon my ride and I did a session of yoga instead. 

Traffic Circle – Presidents of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan

The president of Azerbaijan is visiting Tashkent today. The Uzbek government went all out in improving the Azeri section of the city. They mobilized hundreds of workers to renovate the traffic circle. They added plants, sidewalks and bike trails, ornate lamp posts, friezes on the overpass and re-did the facades of the apartment buildings facing the circle. Quite remarkable! 

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