Family Journal: Final Day in Iron County

Dad, Owen and Oliver at Ottawa Lake

It is a Kralovec family tradition for us to go on a hike before Owen or one of our children leaves for university. Oliver, Owen, and I did a 5-kilometer hike on the Ge Che Trails the Ottawa Lake Nature Area. I used to cross-country ski these trails often and it was nice to re-visit them . We hiked from Ottawa Lake to Hagerman Lake and then looped back to Ottawa Lake. The public beach at the Ottawa Lake Campgrounds was deserted, and we saw no one on the trails. With only 11,000 people living in Iron County, we have much of the place to ourselves. No one apparently was enjoying the beautiful Ottawa Lake on a perfect, sunny Monday afternoon in late July. 

Hagerman Lake

We then had a final tennis game on the Nelson Field Courts. We played a lot of tennis while in Caspian and always found open courts. On this day, some older people were playing pickleball and the tennis courts were not being used as usual. Oliver improved quite a bit with his daily playing. Often, he would play his cousin Beau, and I would play against Owen. Today we played the best of 5 game sets and rotated. This was a great day and the perfect ending to summer holidays in Iron County.

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