First Day of School 2022-2023

For the first time since 2019, we had a regular first day of school! It was so nice not to wear masks, be concerned about physical spacing, and wonder if we would even have everyone on campus. Oliver is starting grade 11, and Ocean is starting grade 9. We are down to only high schoolers in the house. 😦 Our dog Obi was sad to see us leave as he enjoyed having people in the house all day. Nadia will teach grade 1 this year, and I am starting my fourth year as the director. We look forward to a school year rich in activities, events, and, most importantly, learning! Oliver is ready for the challenge of the IB Diploma Programme and Ocean to high school. Nadia and I are trying to savor the time we have left with children in the house. Our eldest son Owen will be starting school next week at Northern Michigan University. It is a family tradition to take photos on the opening day in our garden or doorstep.

People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Headquarters

I am trying to exercise more during the work week. It is stress relieving and helps me think through issues I deal with as a leader of a school community. It also is good for my physical health. I went for a bike ride one morning and took this photo above. The People’s Democratic Party Headquarters which I think is the political party of the current President. It has a serene, large reflection pool and fountain that works on special occasions. The classic Roman architecture and reflection pool reminds me of Washington DC. Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and has many government buildings. The building has a 24/7 police/national guard presence but it would be nice to tour some of the government buildings and museums this year.

I was curious to see the completion of the lake and park between the National Park of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi and the Magic City Park. I often walk Obi in the National Park and for th epast three years, a corregated metal fence has blocked the view from the park to the Magic City Shopping Mall. The mall is an homage to Disneyland as you can see. The trails around the ponds were still off limits but I took. a couple of photos the other evening. We’ll go back once the park fully opens.

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