Ocean Runs in the Cross Country Meet

Ocean and Oliver finished their cross-country running season today with the final meet of the season. The video above is Ocean running in the Under Age 15 4-kilometer Race. She finished in 4th place, just out of the medals behind three girls from the Mirabad Soccer Club. I didn’t get much video due to the pouring rain and I was helping with the timing. She has not been running as much earlier in the season. She peaked for the CAFA Championship in Bishkek. Ocean ran a 19:30 and gave a good effort. She was in third place for much of the and couldn’t hold on on the final long loop around the gardens.

Oliver couldn’t run today as his foot is still injured from last weekend’s soccer tournament. He was kicked in the foot and it is still a bit tender. We may have to take him to a doctor this week for an x-ray.

We have had a lot of rain this month which is a little unusual. Most precipitation occurs December through April but I would guess we’ve had much more than the 2 centimeters average. We’ve had several days of full-day rain.

An Intense Bunch of Competitors

I ran in the 3-kilometer coaches/parents run. I didn’t feel great but pushed through to finish in 10th place. I love running and was just happy to be out there and we had a lot of fun. The students get a big kick of cheering us on and watching us suffer. 🙂 Long distance running has brought me so much pleasure over the years and I am glad that I am still able to share my passion with my children and wife. I have been so busy at work over the past month or so and it is disappointing how fast older people can get out of shape. I need to make more time for physical fitness and hopefully this run will spur me on! Nadia was a great support person as always!

One bummer was losing my best pair of glasses. They fell out of my pocket while I was running around filming and timing… I hope someone turns them in.

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