A Hockey Christmas Eve

I wanted to do something special for Christmas Eve and to celebrate the visit of my brother. He is a hockey fan and so we rented a Sky Suite at Humo Arena for yesterday’s game. The Humo Tashkent Hockey Club hosted Yetis Pavlador in a Pro Hokei Ligasi (Kazakhstan’s top professional league) game. Humo won easily 6-2 and improved their record to 22-9 for the season. They are currently in third place but have played 2 and 4 fewer games that the teams ahead of them in the standings. They should pass Nomad Astana, the second-place team. Karaganda leads the league with 61 points compared to Humo’s 45 points.

Pavlador is an industrial city located in the northeast of Kazakhstan, near the Russian border on the banks of the Irtysh River. The club won the Pro Hokei Ligasi for three consecutive years from 2013-2015. Pavlador looked outmatched and they changed goalies on the fourth goal by Humo. Things settled down for them with the substitute and they eventually scored 2 goals, making it a 5-2 game late in the third period. Humo scored a sixth goal on an open net to finish the scoring.

It was fun to have the box but I wouldn’t do it again. It is much cheaper to just attend the game and nothing comes with the suite. They should have a meal and drinks included and lower the price a bit. There were only four boxes with people in them. They really need a Western marketing person to come in and turn these into a money-making proposition for the club. They could rent them out to businesses that would use them as perks for their employees like they do in the USA. It was a memorable way to spend Christmas Eve. After the game, we went out to for dinner at Sushi Time restaurant.

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