Family Journal: December 30, 2022

Ocean, Uncle Andy, Oliver, Owen, Aunt Chantal, Nadia & Obi – Charvak Reservoir

We spent the day in the mountains of the Ugam-Chatkal National Park. The views are always breathtaking and the fresh air and mountain peaks always recharge my soul. As you can see above, it was cold and the overlook of the Charvak Reservoir was chilly. We had lunch at one of the restaurants at Amirsoy Resort. Owen, Oliver and I did some skiing and snowboarding in the afternoon. It has not snowed in awhile so it was quite icy and tough to turn, especially on the upper courses. I took Oliver’s pass and skis and practiced my turning on the lower courses of Oscar. It was great to get out into the fresh air.

Chantal, Andy, Nadia and Ocean enjoy lunch

We had a lot of fun in the evening. I made “Rock and Roll” grilled cheese sandwiches and we hung out with the kids. Teenagers are up to date with music so they helped me with my playlist. I added the Arctic Monkeys and Beabadoobee to my Winter 2022-2023 Spotify Playlist. Andy takes after my dad and can fix anything so he caulked one of the showers to stop it from leaking. The other interesting occurance was the sandwich maker and toaster both burned out yesterday. We replaced them at Texnomart today.


Today, New Years Eve, I escorted my brother and my sister-in-law to the airport. I was sad to see them go and I appreciated them coming to visit us. It was delightful to have them here for Christmas and I wish they could have stayed longer. We live close to the airport and it was not very crowded in the check-in line.

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