Family Journal: January 20, 2023

Oliver studying DP Economics

The story of January has been the historic cold temperatures I blogged about last week. The extreme cold temperatures have lessened and Tashkent is slowly coming back to normal winter conditions. It actually got above freezing for a couple of hours in the late afternoon one of the days this week, but temperatures continue to be between -10 to -13 in the evenings and -2 to -3 in the daytime. Next week, temperatures will continue to have lows of -11 to -9 with highs of 0C to 1C. Next Saturday, cloud cover will come to Tashkent and temperatures will move to 4C. I think I am getting old, I am really interested in the weather! We all become our parents! I remember that was the first thing my Dad every morning, look outside the windows in the front and back of the house to check the thermometer posted on the garage and on our front porch. The weather report was mandatory listening on WIKB radio station in Iron River, Michigan. I wonder what he would do today with the weather app on a mobile phone. 🙂 I miss him!

Gutters are frozen solid, causing water to fall from roofs

The snow and ice are staying put until we get some sustained above-freezing temperatures. The gutters at our home are frozen solid and water is dripping down from the roof in the afternoons and freezing. I took the photo above on our back patio. You can also see the sunrise from the front of our house. Sunrise this week is at 7:42 AM so we are getting slowly closer to being able for me to wake up in sunlight. The darkness of winter can be a bit depressing. Tashkent is mostly sunny and with the trees and roads covered with snow and ice, it is better than the usual browns of a Mediterranean climate winter.

Sunrise View from the front bedrooms

The low gas pressure and intermittent electricity levels around the city have brought our family and the school community closer together. Earlier this week we needed to go to the school gym to take “warmish” showers and Oliver and Ocean have been with Nadia and me downstairs in one of the few warmer rooms in the house. We actually got to see Oliver study with his girlfriend. I call it the “studious girlfriend effect” when teenage boys are dating, the girlfriend is usually more mature and focused on academics and the boy follows suit. If she was not over at the house the other night, Oliver would have been in the basement playing FIFA Soccer or the Elden Ring video games.

I love the change of seasons and taking advantage of what each season has to offer. We have a Lunar New Year holiday 4-day weekend and are heading up to the mountains. I watched Peacock’s coverage of the FIS Mens’ Downhill Race from Austria.

FIS Downhill World Championship Coverage on Peacock

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