Family Journal: Happy Birthday Nadia!

Ocean is helping mom put on the necklace

It was a short work week of three days after the Lunar New Year holiday. It was a special week because of Nadia’s birthday which takes place on Australia Day, January 26. Because we have been living in the northern hemisphere, and temperate climates for the past 15 years, her special day takes place in mid-winter, which is much different than her childhood birthdays in Melbourne and Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We always try to make the birthday person in our family feel like it is their day. It is nice that our birthdays are spread throughout the year, starting with Nadia’s in late January, Oliver’s at the end of April, mine at the end of May, Ocean’s in late September, and Owen’s in mid-December.

Ocean helped me find a necklace

Ocean was a big help in selecting flowers. We went with Nadia’s favorite, tulips from the Tashkent Gullari shop. We then found a beautiful necklace and some mochi treats at a high-end convenience store. She looked beautiful with her necklace! The best part of the day was our traditional restaurant meal. This year we chose Macom Bar. It is Nadia’s favorite and has delicious food and a lively atmosphere of live music. My big takeaway from the night was our children are quickly becoming adults and we have adult-like conversations. I love these family dinners and we always put a priority on humor and laughter which brightens everyone’s spirits.

Oliver and Nicole

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