The Benefits of Yoga

I completed Travis Elliot’s 30 for 30 Yoga Program. It is a series of power yoga sessions of 30 minutes for 30 days. I took more than 30 days because during the week I often don’t find the time to do the workouts. Starting in January, I completed the 30 workouts in mid-March.

My body is tighter since I’ve been in my 50s and I finally reached the point where I love doing yoga. I tried yoga several times years ago but didn’t see the point of it. Now as I am older, the benefits of flexibility to my aging body are tremendous. I don’t want to be a stiff, creaky, old man. At least not for a while. I was beginning to feel like an old man, stiff, sore, etc. The yoga workouts have improved my flexibility and strength and I feel younger! Compared to the practitioners in his studio in the videos, I have a long way to go, but importantly, it is helping me improve my health. Not only physically, but it is also a great stress reliever. After a workout, I feel refreshed and the tension headache that may have been starting or nagging thoughts in my mind, disappear and I feel calmer. I am taking to heart Elliot’s advice that my breathing is my fortress of strength. Deep breathing does relax me. I am moving on to his 45 for 45 and I’ll see how I do with the extra 15 minutes of workouts.

Another source of pleasure and exercise for me is tennis. Nadia and I found an open court at the Olympic Tennis School yesterday. They don’t have the clay courts going yet, but we rented a hard court (60,000 UZS). It was awesome and I am glad to see my wife back into exercise.

Nadia and I enjoyed a couple sets of tennis at the Olympic Tennis Club

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