Serbian Orthodox Relics


Relics of Angelina, Maksim, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

This week I visited the church in the Krušedol Monestary in the Fruška Gora National Park. A kind priest showed our group the relics of the saints that founded the monastery, over 500 years ago. Krušedol, after Studenica and Hilander, is the third most important monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Above are the remains of Mother Angelina and her sons, Maksim and Jovan. Relics in Eastern Orthodox Churches are often displayed on Sundays and the priest nice to show us the relics on a Thursday.

It is very interesting this concept of having relics and all of the major religions have this tradition. I would like to see a DNA test of these to trace the genetic heritage of the Serbian people.

The Church at the Novo Hopovo Monastery

I visited three monasteries of Fruška Gora and they always give me a sense of calm and awe. The combination of the ancient and dark mosaics, the beards and black dresses of the monks, and the beautiful natural surroundings of them make for a good visit. It is one of the things people do in Serbia.

I will have to visit Studenica sometime this year.

Interior Chapel of Novo Hopovo