Tašmajdan Park


Azerbijan President Statue, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Last Saturday morning we enjoyed a picture perfect spring day at Tašmajdan Park. The park is located in the center of Belgrade. The city has loads of parks and Tašmajdan is one of the largest and most popular. I saw this statue above and wondered why there was an Azerbijan flag, flying next to the Serbian flag. It turned out that the Ayerbijan government donated funds to improve the grounds of the park. In appreciation, Belgrade put up a statue of the former president of Azerbijan, Heydar Aliyev. The park also honors Serbian poet and author, Milorad Pavić. His most famous work is “Dictionary of the Khazars” that I want to read.

The park is full of trees, playgrounds, and a public swimming pool. It is near the Metropol Hotel, Madera Restaurant, and St. Mark’s Cathedral. I recommend an evening or daytime stroll. There are always friendly Belgraders to meet.