EA Daily Bulletin: Thursday May 22, 2008

Today is an “A” day.

Happy Birthday Mr. Gary Donahue!

Black & White Night: In lieu of our traditional International Night, we are having a black and white end-of-year party this evening. The festivities begin at 6:00 PM. To celebrate our international nature, families are asked to provide a dish typical of their country. You may also take a recipe to share with everyone. We’ll have the photocopier ready for those who want to take them home. The dress is semi-formal and only in black and white. We should have a diversity of dishes, as community members are citizens of Portugal, Spain, Italy, USA, Bolivia, Australia, Colombia, Ecuador, Scotland, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Peru, Canada, and of course, host Venezuela

Party organizer Ms. Alejandra Chavez informs me that we are looking for a parent or teacher volunteer to supervise the secondary students who will be entertaining the children in the gymnasium and video room. For the kids, we’ll have the gym open and we will be showing a movie with popcorn in the second Media Lab.

There will also be a raffle of wine and chocolate. There are no entrance fees, just everyone is asked to supply a pot luck dish. The school is providing refreshments and cutlery.

Cell Phone for Sale: Motorola PEBL U6 (White)
Comes with:

Hands free Bluetooth

Blue soft plastic protective cover
Black leather protective cover/belt clip

I bought it for my teen daughter who never uses it.
Have original receipt and box–purchased at Plaza Mayor for 450 Bfs

Sell for 300Bfs

Call Kathy Franklin if interested

Kindergarten Graduation: Tomorrow morning at 8:45 AM, the kindergarten students will be having their graduation ceremony. They will be graduating from Early Childhood and turning from red shirts into white shirts. The other classes are not obligated to attend, but they are invited.
Yearbook: The 2007-2008 Guacamaya yearbook is completed! Congratulations to all students and teachers that assisted in the production. From looking it over, it is a beautiful keepsake and I highly recommend every family purchasing one. The book will be on sale via the web site Blurb. For those of you leaving, you may pay by credit card and ship it to wherever you are going. For the locals without credit card access, we’ll organize a group order from the school. Ms. Alejandra Chavez will have more information shortly on how to order.

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