Andy Getting Stitches

Andy Getting Stitches, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

This morning Escuela Anaco PE teacher Andrew Kralovec collided with a student during a soccer game. Both were going for a header and the student’s forehead ripped a gash into the forehead of Mr. Kralovec. He bled profusely, but valiantly made it to the office and we drove to the nearby clinic to get stitches. He ended up getting 4 stitches and despite a bit of nausea, he came out feeling okay. Being the dedicated educator he is, he came back and taught his third period chemistry class!

The other student is doing well without any injury. The emergency room visit cost us $40 and the prescription antibiotic was another $5.

You can click on the video above to watch a bit of surgery and Andy describing the play. I also put up some other photos of the incident.

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