EA Daily Bulletin: Friday June 6, 2008

The office will be open today from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Local Employee Update: We finished printing the local employee contracts for 08-09. It is the last day of work for the local teachers and assistants. We will have a party after school today. Refreshments are provided by the parents. Thank you!

Farewell: I met with Weatherford Inc. Board Member Nial Shepherd yesterday. He is leaving for Mexico later this month and we discussed the transition. Nial was a very supportive board member and was very dedicated to the students of Escuela Anaco. His presence and that of his wife Marisela and son Diego will be missed in our community. Thank you! We wish them the best of luck in their new post.

Summer Construction: We finalized the list of housing work to be done in June and July. Every summer, we do repairs and buy appliances for the homes. We are fortunate to own our expatriate teacher housing as this reduces our costs greatly. The following is the list of projects for each home. We plan on spending over 20,000 bolivars.

EA Housing Construction Summer 2008

House # – Work / Appliance – Cost
0 Split AC 1800
0 Leak in roof of play room
0 New toilet in second bathroom 300
0 Buy new part for fridge (Phillip will do this in USA)
0 Buy blender glass
0 Fill hole where a dryer used to be
0 Swap the AC’s in living room and play room
1 Fix the bathroom plumbing 600
1 Move Desire’s stuff to the house
2 Put mouse trap to catch last mouse
2 Buy new plates
2 Fix drawers in dressers
2 Fix lighting in living room
2 Buy microwave and blender 350
3 and 4 Connect the two to expand the day care
3 and 4 Move utensils, furniture to House #6
3 and 4 Put small porch near front door 1200
3 and 4 Take out dangerous cactus plants move to garden
3 and 4 Put cement where plants were
3 and 4 Complete overhaul in electrical system
5 Move Gary’s stuff to House #9
5 Split AC 1800
5 Buy an iron
5 Fill archway made for Gary last year
5 Put a front porch roof 1200
6 Renovate kitchen
6 Washing Machine 2200
6 Buy an iron
6 Fix lock on front door
6 Split AC (24BTU) 2500
7 Split AC 1800
8 Put water tray under kitchen AC
8 Split AC 1800
8 Move utensils, kitchen ware, Desire’s things to #1
8 Move dryer from #9 to #8 for the Denkers
9 Split AC 1800

Estimated cost for items above w/ no cost listed 2000

Total Housing Expenses for Summer 2008 19350

Priorities for Today: We will be finalizing the school construction projects. I am meeting with a new prospective family this morning. I also will be completing the purchase order for physical education among other items.

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