The Passport Arrives! (Family Journal – June 6, 2008)

Nadia, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Nadia is shown above with her renewed Australian passport. The big smile on her face reflects the relief in receiving it after an epic journey.

Nadia’s passport expired in May so she had to get a new one. The nearest Australian Embassy to us is in Brasilia, Brazil. They handle Australian citizen services in Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. We had a lot of paperwork to do and it was challenging to wire money to them so it was a long process. When we finally did get everything straight, the first passport sent by the embassy was lost by IPOSTEL, the Venezuelan mail service. The Australian Consul in Brazil, Mr. Patrick Maher,helped us by getting another passport issued and express DHLed to us before we leave on Tuesday, and free of charge. A big thank you to Patrick! After the first passport was lost, we lost hope that we would be able to leave Venezuela without a long delay, but DHL and the Aussie Embassy delivered it on time.

The life of an expatriate global family is never boring.

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