Grandma Kralovec’s Top 5 Least Favorite Athletes

My mother, Yvonne Kralovec is a sports fanatic. She still follows sports daily, at age 67. She was a great athlete in her day, playing fast pitch softball, basketball, and bowling. She was a long time girls’ basketball coach at West Iron County Public Schools.

Her top five least favorite athletes are as follows:

#5 – Peyton Manning, QB Indianapolis Colts – “He thinks he is so great. He still complains about losing out on the Heisman trophy to the Michigan guy.” She loved it when his little brother upstaged him this year.

#4 – Todd Jones, Pitcher Detroit Tigers- “He can’t get three consecutive outs and makes me nervous.”  Note- Grandma watches or listens to every Tiger game. She has been doing this for the past 60 years.

#3 – Alex Rodriguez, Third Baseman NY Yankees – “Too much attention is paid to him, plus he is a Yankee.”

#2 – Kobe Bryant, Captain, LA Lakers – “Braggart, ‘I am the MVP’.” Anyone who campaigns for the MVP loses points in her book.

#1 – Tiger Woods, golfer – “That is all you hear about. For example, his poor knee, he won the US Open and they are worried about his knee. If he can play 91 holes, he doesn’t have problems with his knee.”

As you can see, she loves the underdogs.

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