Family Journal: Wednesday June 18th

Ocean, Papa, Owen, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

The highlight yesterday was a picnic we had at Hagerman Lake. Hagerman Lake is 586 acres and located near the border of Wisconsin and Michigan. They have a small public beach. It was a cool day with temperatures in the high 60’s, low 70’s all day so we had the beach to ourselves. I packed some sandwiches and drinks and we had a grand time. We played a big game of kick ball with Uncle Jimmer and cousin Tony. We even all got into the water! Once you got in the water was not too bad. You can click on the photo above to see more.

Nadia found out today that she will be teaching kindergarten next year at ISB. It is good that she enjoys teaching and the double income will certainly help us. It does however put a bit a stress on us in finding a quality nanny for Ocean. We visited with neighbors and old friends. Carol Drake and her daughter stopped by, we talked with the Medovichs, Kinneys, and Rivards in the neighborhood.

We are gearing up for Saturday’s 10 kilometer run in Marinette, Wisconsin and we will have a full blog report on the that. The cooler temperatures will continue and after living 9 degrees north of the equator for the past 6 years, we are loving it!

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