Family Journal: June 25, 2008

Grandma & Ocean, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Why am I blogging at midnight? It seems like it is the only time I have free. Nadia and I have new nicknames for each other. She is Mirleis, which is the name of our maid in Venezuela and I am “Leidi” our nanny in Venezuela. Without the domestic help, it seems that is all we do. We are loving it however, not working and being able to spend so much time with the kids. But we do realize that housework chores normally covered by inexpensive domestic help in our previous life in Venezuela are now covered by us.

Above is Ocean with her grandmother and the smile on their faces really make our vacation wonderful! They are getting to know one another as well as Owen and Oliver. I am finally back to normal after several days. Thank you Alexander Fleming!!

Finally the Scots give something worthwhile to the world besides bag pipes, kilts, and cool accents. The amoxocillin treatment really does work and it killed the staph bacteria that was inflaming my tonsils and making my body feel like it was run over by a truck. With our modern celebrity worship these days, I would like to recognize a real hero and what a discovery Dr. Fleming made back in 1928. Without it, I don’t know how long I would have suffered. Nadia is feeling better too, as she also was diagnosed with strep throat and began treatment the day after me.

Sunday I took the boys to the George Young Resort swimming pool and we really had a great time. This week we have been hanging around the house. We gave them hair cuts and just goofing around in the yard and going for walks in my hometown of Caspian. We have also been taking care of things we need to do when we are in the USA. I renewed my driver’s license, applied for an international permit, applied for a replacement for Oliver’s birth abroad report, sent for an FBI clearance, etc. Tomorrow we are heading for Green Bay for the boys’ doctor appointments. They have not been feeling well either and they are going to get a general “wellness check” in pediatrics jargon.

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