Family Journal: Wednesday July 2, 2008

Owen Rides a Bike, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Huge day yesterday as Owen rode a bike on his own for the first time. I really didn’t need to help him much as he was ready to go. We have rode bikes with training wheels for a couple of years now and lately he has been talking of taking them off. We borrowed a bike from my brother.

Yesterday we took the kids to Iron Mountain. Nadia did some clothes shopping at JC Penny with my sister-in-law Michelle, and Jim and I took the kids. We first stopped at the Pasty Oven for lunch. We then went over to a park in Quinnesec and that is where Owen just took off. He went around the block several times. Quite emotional for me and an important milestone for him. Owen is quite coordinated and athletic so bike riding came quite easy to him. We also went to Lake Antoine and went for a short hike.

After returning to Caspian, Nadia played in bocce (a post on this later) at the Duc of Abruzzi courts. We finished up the evening by going to Scott’s Subs for ice cream. We didn’t visit my mother in the hospital because she was sleeping. She continues to stay at the ICCH.

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