Fourth of July Family Journal

Backyard BBQ, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We had a nice day on the Independence Day holiday on Friday. We hosted a family BBQ in our yard. A door and two saw horses served as a table but everyone had a nice time. In the morning, we went to the parade in downtown Iron River. In the afternoon, Owen and I went on our first bike ride. We did the entire 4 mile length. We all dressed in our American outfits. Despite living outside of the USA for the past 20 years, I am very patriotic. I am daily known as “the American” and so am faced with my nationality all the time. I love the USA for the promotion of the individual and a nation built on lofty ideals and not race or religion. Having lived in 7 different countries, I know that the USA is not the best place in the world. All countries and cultures have their good things and bad things and there is no “best place.”

Yesterday we went to the Circle Cafe in Alpha for breakfast. The people of Alpha have preserved the old school and are using the facility as the restaurant is inside. Good for them! Most of the old schools around here have been demolished throughout the years. Ever since the iron mines closed in the past 40 years the population has dropped in the area and many schools have closed. Where there used to be 5 high schools in the county there are now 2 and I feel eventually there will be only one.

In the afternoon Grandma came home from the hospital. She is still a bit down because of the ordeal. She takes 20 medications daily and the pain and hassle of severe diabetes is tough. More on her later. It is nice that she is back and enjoying time with her grandchildren. I did get time to take Owen and Oliver to Sunset Lake for a bit. We enjoyed the park and the beach. In the evening, Jim came over and we went for a walk on the Apple Blossom trail while Nadia ran. Oliver went the whole way on his big wheel. Ocean is now crawling across the room with ease.

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