Family Journal: Thursday July 10, 2008


Ocean Eating, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

It was a tough day yesterday for Nadia. We are both tired of the housework and child care that is usually taken care of by our domestic help in Venezuela. We had two girls come in Monday – Friday to assist us with the house and children while we were working. We never had to wash/dry/iron clothes, clean the house, cook lunch or breakfast and clean up afterwards. Other things such as cleaning the car, mowing the lawn, etc. were taken care of by the school’s maintenance department. Much time goes into these kinds of things and it takes away from the “quality” time of spending time with our children doing enjoyable activities or stimulating our intellects.

Nadia had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon for her physical for her new job. The doctor recommended immediate surgery on her diastisis. This is a spreading of the stomach muscles in women after pregnancy. She feels a loose area there and the doctor was impressed that Nadia had been walking around with it for so long. We are sorting through the insurance and choice of doctor this morning. I need to find our more about the procedure, but it would require an overnight stay in the hospital. I understand they will either sew or insert mesh into the stomach muscles to hold it together better. Entry would be through the belly button. More posts later on this.

In better news, Ocean is growing so fast! She is getting even chubbier. The video above shows her eating and she does have a healthy appetite when she is in the mood. She is crawling everywhere and we had to put her in the crib so she doesn’t destroy the house.

We are also packing boxes to be shipped to the International Schools Services ware house in New Jersey. Our school is having a second shipment of cargo from the USA to Serbia go out in mid-October. They are very generous in the amount of shipping we get and we appreciate it, especially with a big family.

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