Family Journal: July 11-12, 2008

There was no time to blog on Friday or Saturday. Friday morning we went up to the Ice Lake hospital and met with Dr. Naseem Rizkalla. He is a very nice gentleman from Jordon who has been practicing in the US for over 20 years. At Nadia’s physical Thursday, Dr. Cloutier referred her to Dr. Rizkalla for her diastisis. Dr. Rizkalla agreed to see us free of charge since the insurance would have taken a few days to authorize. He quickly examined Nadia and did concur with Dr. Cloutier that surgery would be necessary. Nadia’s abdominal muscles are stretched from three preganncies (especially Owen’s) and there is a bulge. Since we are leaving so soon (July 21) he did not want to do the procedure now. It will be painful and Nadia is still nursing. She will have to wait for a better time. It is not a matter of life or death and she can continue to do all the activities that she normally does as there is no threat for a hernia according to Dr. Rizkalla. I also went to get my blood test for the William Russell life insurance in case I cannot be insured locally. More on that later, but I did can say I did not have TB.

In the afternoon we went to Iron Mountain to meet with our friend and real estate agent, Monica Maule. She works for Stephens GMAC and is trying to sell our house in a really bad market. We then went shopping at Dunham’s Sports for running shoes, shorts, etc. After that was done, we went to my brother’s house. Jimmer and I took the boys for a hike above the hills of Iron Mountain. There are still lots of wood ticks around the woods as we found dozens of them on us. Nadia absolutely freaks outs about wood ticks! My sister-in-law Michelle prepared her famous north side lasagna and we stuffed our faces.

Saturday was spent packing. We have 8 boxes to send to New Jersey to ship to Serbia.

In between packing, I played football and soccer with the kids and took all three up to Community Center to play in the park. The boys helped Grandpa in the garage in the morning too. He can still box at age 75!

In the evening, we went up to the Gaastra Field and watched my brother Andy play soccer. Every Saturday evening at 6:00 PM, people get together to play soccer there. I got into the game for awhile and it felt good to run around a bit.

This morning we are getting ready to do the Run Your Bass Off 10KM in Crystal Falls Michigan. It was 53 degrees F when I woke up with the wind howling! We will then spend the night in a motel on the shores of Lake Superior near the Porcupine Mountains wilderness area.

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