Yearly Physical & Blood/Urine Test Results

On July 11 2008 I went to Dr. Vickie Marie Cloutier at the Iron County Community Hospital for my yearly physical and testing. Overall I continue to be in good health with some concerns on my cholesterol.

My cholesterol levels were high however. I had a total cholesterol level of 226 which is in the range (200-240) of borderline risk. My past results are 215 in December of 2005 and 199 in July of 2007. The risk of having high levels of cholesterol in my blood is for heart and blood vessel disease. As this level increases, the possiblity of clogging the arteries which would result in a heart attack or stroke.

My bad cholesterol or low density lipoprotein (LDL) level was 166 and this puts me in the high (160-189) range. My previous results were 148 (Dec 05) and 146 (July 07). Deposits of cholesterol form in the arteries when these levels are high.

My good cholesterol (HDL) level was 41. Previously I had 40 (Dec 05) and 33 (July 07). The good cholesterol takes away the deposits in the arteries.

My triglyceride level was 95. Previously I had 133 (Dec 05) and 123 (July 07). Normal levels are 35-160 so these are fine.

I should get those levels down a bit. I need to eat less fatty foods, exercise more, and I really think, eat less in general. I have a healthy appetite and love food, but as I get older, I should eat less. I am much less active than before, especially with three young children and a busy career.

The rest of the test was fine with two exceptions. The urinalysis, HIV, Hep B, and GGTP were all normal. In the hemotology, the two results that were abnormal were as follows:

RDW 11.4  low (11.5-16.5 normal) RDW refers to the Red Blood Cell distribution width. The red blood cells need to be within this width to properly carry oxygen.

Mono % 14.3 high  (1.7 – 9.3) The monocytes or white blood cell count was high but I think this reflects the strep throat infection I had in late June.

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