Beating the Heat – Family Journal August 17, 2008


Temperatures have been in the 90’s all week. We bought a small pool for the kids to play with and it is a big hit. Shown above is Ocean in her Dora The Explorer bathing suit. She loves the water.

At work the construction company moved out on Wednesday and late Friday I finally got into my office. The AC was not working so the days have been quite stifling. We completed the orientation packets for the new teachers. There is still much to do with the schedule, lockers, etc. still needing some attention. I received my school cell phone which will help greatly.

Vera our nanny is going to work out great! She is hard-working and wonderful with the kids. Ollie and Ocean particularly like her! She went with Nadia and the kids to the beach on Friday. Friday evening we went walking down town and ate at the nicest McDonald’s I have ever seen. We then walked down to the big cathedral in the city which I’ll do a blog post later.

Oliver On the Kneza Mihaila

On Saturday I ran with Ocean to the post office to pick up Nadia’s back pack that my parents sent and some lollies from Australia that Alejandra sent. We then had my colleague, Tim and his family over for a BBQ. He is the elementary principal and has two daughters that played and looked after the kids. Nadia and I actually had a chance to talk and enjoy ourselves. Tim’s wife Janna will be working with Nadia this year and he also had two friends from Montana/Seattle visiting. It was a nice afternoon.

We are still watching the Olympics and I discuss that more a bit later.

Today I will be going into school for a awhile to do some work and then the rest of the day will be spent with the family.

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