Family Journal: Sunday September 21, 2008


Ocean and the Greenhouse, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

We spent the equinox in the botanical gardens of University of Belgrade. The grounds were formerly an estate owned by Prince Milan Obrenovic. It was donated to the university in 1889 on the condition that it was named after the prince’s grandfather, hence the name Jeverem.

Ocean is pictured in front of the hothouse, which is a classic but it definitely needs to be renovated. There was a collection of bonzai trees out front that were pretty impressive. I enjoy and feel it is important to learn the names of the trees of all the countries I live in, so I appreciated the signs identifying the trees in English and Serbian. I will definitely begin to photograph and blog the various trees I learn of on my other blog about the plants and animals of Serbia. The other nice thing about the gardens was the Japanese pond and hill area. Oliver loved running around them.

We walked back home and Nadia cooked a great meal again. The weather has been cool and cloudy and it just feels like autumn, or first in many years. I am loving it!!!! Ocean is now saying “daddy” “owo” “mama” “no,no” “tu-tu-ta-at” (Bolivian for night-night) and is approaching her birthday number one, Friday. Owen has a loose tooth and a new tooth is coming in right underneath it. Nadia has a bit of a cold.

Good day at school today (Monday) – the highlight was meeting with the school designer on the new middle school. First day of autumn and we are looking forward to the fall colors.

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