Family Journal: Autumn Break Friday October 17, 2008

Yesterday was the first day of holiday and what a glorious day it was. The photo above was from Tuesday when we had dinner in our back yard. If you can believe it, I did not take a single photo yesterday!

It was nice because our nanny came. The weather was cool and gray. Nadia and I went for a run together in the morning while Vera stayed with the kids. We then went to Home Center to buy some household things like a sandwich maker and coffee machine. Later I actually took a nap!!! and then we hung out with the children. Nadia made a delicious pumpkin soup. After putting the kids to sleep, we watched a The Dark Knight, the latest batman film. I must be getting old because I really don’t enjoy watching movies anymore. There are very few movies that I think are worth my time to watch. Most of what produced is silly and a waste of time. It was a pirated version and the movie was a bit interesting to see one of Heath Ledger’s final performances.

Our children are so precious and cute! Tucking them into bed is such a privilege. Author Milan Kundera once wrote about people re-living their experiences an infinite number of times. I will probably wish I could go back to these times when the kids are grown. It is so funny to see their blond heads running around the house. Ocean is very demanding and on the verge of walking. She lets us know exactly what she wants loud and clear!

We continue to have 4 more days of holiday. It is great to refresh the soul and reconnect with each other and our children.

Autumn in its full glory
Autumn in its full glory

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