Kralovec Halloween Family


Last night we enjoyed the ISB Halloween Festival at the school. The weather was quite nice and the kids really had fun. We took the photo above on the way home in front of a spooky gate. Belgrade is full of “haunted houses” and has a perfect atmosphere for halloween. The boys and Ocean went trick or treating around the classrooms, and Owen participated in the costume parade. I couldn’t get Ollie to go with his class. He would rather play in the park and his teacher was dressed as The Cat in the Hat and it freaked him out. All three kids liked best the Arts & Craft station where they did worksheets and put stickers on mini pumpkins. Ocean crawled under the tables while they were doing that. Our costumes were repeats from previous years. Owen was superman, Ocean was Yoda, Ollie was Woody, Nadia was Le Chef, and I was a fair dinkum Aussie. Next year we will go with a family theme and plan for the evening. Now that we are not in the tropics, there is a possiblity of cold weather, but last night it was beautifullly warm, as it has been most of the month of October. The only thing I didn’t like about the festival was it was too crowded.


Nadias Kinder Class
Nadia's Kinder Class




We had a good week. I am feeling more comfortable at work with a quarter under my belt. We are getting our car on Monday!!! It has been a bit of a hassle with taxis and I am itching to explore Serbia outside of Belgrade. I got out of going to the Paris MYP conference as we are hosting a CEESA boys soccer championship, as well as a visit from the architect designing the new middle school, etc. Parent-Teacher conferences are also on Tuesday and we have no classes.

Oliver was a brave little guy again and got out his stitches. He will probably have a slight scar between his eyes. You can click on the flickr account to see the rest of the festival pictures. International schools love Halloween because no other country has the holiday and it is a good idea.


Ollie With the Doctor
Ollie With the Doctor

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