Family Holiday Journal: Monday December 22, 2008

Brad Woodruff is shown telling a story to the boys while preparing for a BBQ. We roasted chicken, bacon wrapped around chicken (a Serbian special prepared by Vera, our nanny), and vegetables. It was a delicious meal and some of us ate it outside despite the cold weather.

The morning was fantastic as the sun came out for a few hours. Nadia and I ran along the Sava River all the way to Ada Ciganlija and back. We then had a BBQ for lunch and played with the boys in the yard. I went into school for a bit to close up the office.

Watching a Movie
Watching a Movie

In the evening we went to the Delta City Mall and bought presents. I took the kids and we played in the playland. We had a great time as they really were sweating from running around so much.After putting the children to sleep, we wrapped presents and put them under the tree. We debated about the concept of Santa Claus. I am in favor of not propagating the myth of Santa Claus. It is a lie and not worth the “magic” is brings to the holiday for the kids. Next year we will celebrate the feast day of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children on December 19th. That is a big slava here in Serbia that many families celebrate and he is the figure that Santa Claus is based on. We still have a Christmas tree and gifts from us. We’ll also talk about the birth of Jesus and the original holiday of the winter solstice.

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