Ice Covers Belgrade: January 14, 2009

Icy Morning, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Nadia struggles to stay on her feet this morning with the boys. We awoke this morning to a layer ice on everything outside. The temperature was hovering around 0C, and it was a mix of rain and ice. We decided to walk to school this morning because of going down the hill to the school. Oliver getting out the door, fell on his butt. We heard many people with slips and falls, and there were many late arrivals to school this morning. Owen loved the slippery streets and skated to school.

I learned a new Serbian word: KLIZAV which means slippery. I’ll be using the word again in conversation tomorrow as the forecast is for the same. Today we discussed procedures for checking the conditions of the roads and contacting our school community. We’ll be testing these tomorrow.

We made it to school albeit a bit late. We held classes as normal. Tonight I am watching the Partizan vs. CSK Moscow EuroLeague basketball game. With a win, Partizan will qualify into the round of 16.

Update: Partizan Wins!!!

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