Family Journal: Friday January 23, 2009


Owen is pictured above in his kinder classroom. I stopped by after my administration meeting to take a peak on the boys and how they were doing. Ollie was still sleeping from his nap time. Owen was in the midst of an art class. He was enjoying himself.

It was another busy week. I have a bit of a cold and earlier in the week, Ocean kept getting up many times during the night. She mercifully slept most of the night both last night and Thursday evening. She kept getting up screaming and the only thing that would get her back to sleep was more milk. Who knows what it was. We tried feeding her more before bedtime, but that really didn’t help.

The temperature got into the mid 50’s this week and all of the snow melted. The melting snow and light rain, combined to make things quite muddy. The forecast looks like it will stay warm until the middle of next week, when temps will finally go down close to the freezing mark.

I also sent this photo to Nadia yesterday. We visited the Ethnographic Museum last weekend and I spotted this photo. The museum in downtown Belgrade has some wonderful displays of costumes and artifacts of life in Serbia in the 1600’s to the early 1900’s. I teased Nadia with the photo below. The woman has collected is carrying back a load of firewood, has a pot of water on her head, knitting clothing, AND watching the child all at the same time. I wonder who took the photo and if it was staged? Anyway, we have come a long way since then with modern conveniences and technology that does away with three of the activities that she is doing. Where is her husband? Sitting on a bench in the village with his buddies? Hunting? Behind a plow? I think that spirit of the woman handling everything in the home and the man just worrying about his work is now gone. 


Photo of Serbian Peasant Woman
Photo of Serbian Peasant Woman

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