Family Journal: Sunday March 22, 2009

We had a well deserved family day on Sunday. With basketball, one acts, and oral exams on Saturday, it was a busy week of work.

There were sunny skies and cool temperatures and it was a nice day to head to Ada Ciganlija for a family exercise session. We like to go there because I can rent a bicycle with a rickshaw to carry Oliver and Ocean, Nadia can run, and Owen can ride his bike. Nadia ran her usual 7 km loop around the lake while I took the kids around the island. We stopped at the obstacle course and ran around in the woods for quite a while.

Ollie shows his speed
Ollie shows his speed

After enjoying Ada, we went home and did some chores. Nadia cooked a delicious meal of fajitas, we cleaned the car seats, took the car to Mopex, a car cleaning company down the street that cleans cars inside and out, organized a book shelf, etc. In the late afternoon, we had a fire under the gazebo and the boys painted some cardboard animals they made while Ocean played on the swings. Nadia came out and we enjoyed a bottle of Hungarian Tokai wine. She made a Risotto dinner and we put the kids to bed.

Owen Takes Care of His Little Sister
Owen Takes Care of His Little Sister

Sunday morning was really nice too. Ocean is so different to the boys. She woke up and gave her brother a kiss and sat on his lap while I was preparing breakfast. She is much more cautious, affectionate, and calm compared to her brothers.


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