Oliver Featured In Web Banner

The International (USA-Canada) Joint Commission  for Great Lakes Water Quality is using a photo of my son Oliver. They found the photo on my flickr.com account and asked me permission to use it. The photo you can see above is from last summer on our annual trip to Lake Superior. We stopped after a day of hiking in the Porkies, just west of Ontonogan, Michigan. Oliver and friends Brandel and Lauren were throwing rocks into the water and running from the waves. The photo will be representing the beaches aspect of Commission’s mission.

The Great Lakes Regional Office does valuable work preserving and improving the water quality of the Great Lakes. It is great that perhaps Oliver’s joy will inspire politicians, scientists, and citizens to prioritize a preservation of this beautiful area.

I have travelled all over the world and seen many places, and one of my favorite, is still the south shore of the “big lake they call Gitchigummee.”

The communication that the internet has made possible never ceases to amaze me…

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