Family Journal: Sunday April 12, 2009


Owen & Ollie, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Owen and Ollie are pictured at the Botanical Gardens here in Belgrade. Sunday afternoon we visited the gardens with the kids. They loved the Japanese garden part of the grounds, especially the little creek. They jumped over it hundreds of times. Ocean lived up to her name, and wanted to sit in the creek.

In the morning I went for a run with Ocean while Nadia watched the kids. It was my first run in a while and I felt sluggish. I am preparing for the Belgrade Marathon this Saturday. I am not sure I can do the half marathon on 1 week’s minor training.


Ocean loved the Creek
Ocean loved the Creek



After the gardens we came home and I finally cut our grass. I have this little electric lawnmower that the cord was cut by workers this winter when they were fixing an electrical problem in the house. We took it down to the market and got it repaired. A very nice market indeed! I’ll do a blog post on the market in the future.


A Beautiful Day in Downtown Belgrade
A Beautiful Day in Downtown Belgrade

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