Ollie’s New Bike: Family Journal April 25, 2009


Ollie’s New Bike, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Another wonderful and busy day yesterday with the family. I took Oliver down to get a bike for his birthday. He has seen his older brother Owen riding around Ada and he wants to join him. Yesterday afternoon, we went to the Marconi Bike Store located in the May 25th Sports Complex on the banks of the Danube River in Belgrade. Ollie picked out a “Mustang” 16 inch bike made by the Hungarian company called Capriolo. He was so excited! He went for a ride immediately from the shop and I snapped a picture. What a good little guy! Before he went to bed, he was concerned that he fell while riding on the side walk in the yard because he wants “to ride at Ada like Owen.”

We also met our favorite player for the Red Star basketball team, Vladamir Štimic,   who happened to be walking along the bike path near the bike shop. He is a young player who I think should get more playing time with the team.

Vladamir Holds Up Ollie
Vladamir Holds Up Ollie


He is not the most graceful player, but the three games I saw this season, everytime he got in, something good happened. He plays hard and gets a lot of rebounds. I am not sure why the coach prefers the other big men. He is only 22 years old and I expect to see more from him next season. 

After we got back, we had a BBQ at home. I bought hamburgers and chicken shish-ka-bobs from a store that specializes in meat for the grill. You have the option of having them cook it there or taking it out. I also bought some of that delicious bread that goes with the Serbian hamburgers. Serbs are great with meat and they put some sausage into the hamburger to give it an extra kick. 

Nadia has been in a painting frenzy lately. We visited a nice art store downtown and purchased a lot of canvases for her and the boys. The weather has been beautiful and so she painted outside yesterday as the boys watched on. 

We are nearing the end of our Spring Break holiday. I am ready to go back to work, but enjoy the extra time I can spend with the family, projects around the house, and stimulating my intellectual curiosity with extra reading and Serbian lessons. I must make time for more exercise during the work week, but am not sure how. 

It was another beautiful day in Belgrade, with literally, not a cloud in the sky and cool temperatures. 


The Kralovec Family Flower Garden
The Kralovec Family Flower Garden




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