Humor in our Neighborhood: Part I


Near our house in Senjak, someone with a sense of humor has changed some street signs. To the left  is a photo of sign in front of a school up the block from us. It shows children at play and a speed limit of 40 kilometers per hour. The sign below shows a slight change to a sign on the other side of the street.
This might be appropriate for some US public schools, but certainly not here in Serbia, where violent crime is very rare. It is one of the safest cities in Europe.
You can see where some jokester with a black, permanent marker, drew a gun in the hand of the boy behind the girl.
Warning of Armed Men?
Warning of Armed Men?

One thought on “Humor in our Neighborhood: Part I

  • A couple of days ago, somewhere in Serbia, I saw something similar – a speech balloon, next to boy’s head, with text in it: “Stani kurvo!”.

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