Cherry Madness!!!!

Cherries on Sale in the Senjak Market
Cherries on Sale in the Senjak Market

Spring is in full bloom and the markets are full of cherries. We have been eating them off the trees at school and going to the markets and buying kilos for devouring at home. Love ’em and can’t get enough of them! This morning I took the kids and we walked down to the local “green” market here in Senjak. Serbs call markets with produce for sale, “green.” It was a beautiful day today with temps in the 80’s. It was such a European thing to do – walk to the market with our rolling basket to buy fruit, eggs, and milk. The boys love ža ža (pronounced like Zsa Zsa Gabor), which are these bite sized pastries. In our neighborhood besides the market, there is a regular super market, a hamburger place, car wash, gas station, several cafes, pharmacy, etc. Everything we need within walking distance. Quite convenient.

Ollie and Owen Eat Pastries

We had a really good day today. I mowed the lawn, we went grocery shopping for the week, and Owen had his swimming lesson. We played in the backyard and went up to the park at school. Nadia made a nice risotto for lunch.

Nadia loves those cherries
Nadia loves those cherries

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