Another Bridge Over the Sava River

Earlier this month, Owen and I were riding our bikes to Ada Ciganlija Island. Along the bike path, we stopped and watched the huge cranes as they were building the support for the new bridge. This is a much needed project, as there are not enough bridges in the city. The Sava River is a tributary of the Danube, and both rivers divide Belgrade. On our side is the older part,and the other side has New Belgrade. We cross the bridge to go grocery shopping, etc. Last night, we went to the Enrique Iglesias concert at the Belgrade Arena which is also in New Belgrade.

The bridge closest to our house, the Gazelle Bridge, is the main freeway through Belgrade. It is constantly full of traffic and this new bridge will relieve this.

I was a bit worried that the bridge would ruin the atmosphere of Ada, my favorite spot in Belgrade. I don’t think it will as you can see below, it just touches the tip of the island. There are private rowing clubs on that side and I never go there.

A Model of What the Bridge Will Eventually Look Like
A Model of What the Bridge Will Eventually Look Like

I wonder if “Sava Bridge” will be the name of it. The official web site calls it Sava Bridge Project.

2 thoughts on “Another Bridge Over the Sava River

  • I don’t like it. Because:
    a) It’s too much modern for your neighbourhood and Ada. I mean, look at the small villas, empty streets, lots of trees on the left – then look at giant steel&concrete construction on the right. It just doesn’t fit there. It does fit to New Belgrade, tho.
    b) It’ll cost as much as 2-3 other, non-strikingly-monumental-but-just-for-purpouse-built bridges
    c) It’s beyond me why politicians picked this solution, since a) + b) + professional branch (architects, civil engineers) had doubts about it + nobody asked Belgraders where they want their taxes money to be invested. Knowing politicians, I guess, some of them will be richier when the bridge is finished 😀

  • the new bridge is a very smart idea and will solve the problems of long traffic jams.
    The design is pretty good the big pole will be 205m tall.
    And i think the opposite of obelix i think that it fits perfectly in the sorrounding especially new belgrade.

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